An essential component of our existance, breath plays a fundamental role in life

The sense of smell represents an unmediated approach to the outside world and marks many stages of our day, from the stimulating smells of breakfast to the unmistakable scent that the arrival of the evening has.

Studies in this area are constantly evolving and are based on the analysis of the effects that the inhalation of fragrances has on brain functionsthe compounds of a fragrance are able to produce effects on physiological parameters such as blood pressure, muscle tension, pupillary dilation, skin temperature, heart rate and brain activity.

In other words, electrical signals from the uptake of an olfactory molecula modulate the functions of our brain including memory, thoughts and emotions.


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Every day we breathe more than 20,000 times a day and it is an activity composed of 3 factors:

  • inspiration
  • expiration
  • functional

To date, in the functionality we suffer almost exclusively the negative aspects for example smog, viruses, bad smells. Sensosan instead wants to propose the positive aspects by making the surrounding environment experiential, healthily safe, favoring mental health and neurophysiology.

Let's think about when we have a meeting that doesn't go as it should.

We return to our office stressed, with low attention, thoughts that go in other directions, conflicts with colleagues who maybe knock politely, conflicts in the car in the middle of traffic, ending with conflicts in the family on returning home. All for no apparent valid reason.

Sensosan places itself precisely in the field of neuroscience to overcome everyday problems that worsen the quality of personal and social life like these just described.

We imagine a world where every environment can be experienced in wellbeing.

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