S1 Air Nebulizer

S1 is the first smart sanitizer in the world, able to sanitize continuously the internal environment and surfaces and to certify that sanitization has taken place.

When efficiency and speed are important, S1 is the solution that allows to perform the sanitization of internal environments and surfaces quickly and effectively. Works by nebulize sanitizing fluids that reach even the most difficult corners of any room, constantly monitoring the air quality and suggesting how to improve it.

S1: technology for life quality

S1 is the first patented device of the world that sanitizes both internal environments and surfaces certifying the sanitization process. Sanitization through nebulization occurs in an automated modality in a few minutes and does not need personnel: all you need are a click and ten minutes!

Sanitization by nebulization

S1 is the first and only device which continuously sanitize the environment and is both able to release a certificate of successful sanitation and, at the same time, to monitor any anomalies of the environmental parameters.

Sanitation by nebulization does not require the presence of personnel and takes place in a few minutes in an automatic modality, thanks to the combination of algorithms based on artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, covering even the hardest to reach corners and releasing a digital certification of correct functioning.

Security, first of all

How many times it happened to us to feel uncomfortable in a room because the environment seemed to us dirty and unhygienic? This happens because, when our brain perceives a place as poorly clean, it raises the threshold of attention on hygiene, thus creating a feeling of discomfort.

On the other hand, having the certainty of staying in a clean and sanitized environment ensures that we lower our guard level and we relax.

S1 is the smart solution to live with less stress and improve your psychophysical balance.

How sanitization with S1 takes place

S1 detects the parameters of the environment in which it is located and, through the reading of data based on algorithms and artificial intelligence, nebulize the amount of sanitizer necessary for that specific environment.

Then, arrived at the environment saturation point, S1 issues the certificate of successful sanitization with date, time, delivery time and quantity of product used. A complete sanitization requires about 10 minutes.

Sanitization for companies and hotels

Sanitization by nebulization has many advantageous aspects for companies and receptive structures that must guarantee sanitized environments to their users.

Cost reduction: sanitization takes place with an automated process and can be also performed by remote.

Real-time monitoring of air quality in hotel rooms and common spaces.

Identification of other air problems, such as lack of conditioned air filtration.

Possibility of perfuming thanks to the diffusion of functional fluids.

S1: the only AI Nebulizer in the world

S1 is the only patented sanitizer in the world: at the end of environment sanitization process, S1 gives out a document digitally signed and validated by a recognized Certification Authority which certifies the proper execution of sanitization procedure.

To date, this kind of certificate is solely released by facility and cleaning companies.


S1 is the only patented sanitizer in the world: it certifies in automatic mode the sanitization of internal environments and surfaces. Sanitization procedure is certified by the emission of a digital document legally recognized.At the end of sanitization, S1 gives out the document, digitally signed and validated by a recognized Certification Authority. The document signature is associated with a timestamp issued by the Certification Authority, which establishes the full legal validity and prevents retroactive tampering with the document. In a legal point of view, it is as if a PEC declaring the end of the operation was sent at the and of any sanitization procedure.
Advantages of certified and automated certification S1

For companies and organisations that must ensure the sanitation of their premises, choosing the certified sanitization means saving time, resources and money. You will avoid misunderstandings, delays, and organizational problems thanks to the automatization of processes.

You will reduce costs: once you buy S1, you will not have any other additional cost due to the frequency of sanitisation, if not that of the fragrance to be refilled.
You will avoid the limitations of space during working hours due to the action of the disinfection staff.
Flexibility of use: you can sanitise your premises whenever you want.
Possibility of prevention and of implementing a continuous, programmed, automated and certified sanitisation policy.
S1 diffuser of Functional Fluids

It is used to say that smells have a strong evocative power and that certain scents bring back to mind memories and positive feelings. We wanted to turn all of this into one tool able to improve psychophysical balance through a diffuser of functional fluids that allows you to choose the desired fluid based on your emotional state, stimulating the brain areas responsible for creating a state of wellness.

The functional fluids diffuser represents the solution that allows, with a innovative machine resulted from years of research, to choose the desired fluid based on your emotional and psychophysical state, stimulating the interaction between olfactory molecules and brain functions and thus creating a state of wellness in accordance to the desired active ingredient.

The technology

A combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning has allowed us to start studying an innovative product that manages to deliver functional fluids with certified emission quantity, allowing automatic operation, with a battery power supply and which returns a constant analysis of the data through the detection of environmental parameters.
Diffusers for companies, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes

Different kind of stimuli, such as stress, nutrition, socialising and much more, are able to modulate the activity of neural cells and induce functional and structural changes in the neural networks that transmit informations both inside the brain and to the various parts of the organism.

The olfactory sense is able to influence the central areas of the nervous system by triggering sensations, emotions and arousing memories that can stimulate in guests and patients, in support of traditional treatments, a state of psychophysical wellness.

It has been demonstrated that some smells are able to improve the mood and immune function of depressed patients as well as to modulate emotional states and to induce specific behavioural responses. Our environmental fluids diffuser is the effective and low environmental impact solution to give your guests greater wellness and peace.

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