Robot Nebulizer

It's the evolution of S1 AI Nebulizer: it makes environmental sanitization automated by a procedure which is repeatable, certified and identical over time.

The Sanitization Robot guarantees the replication of sanitization procedures every time in exactly the same way, so excluding possible human errors and making automatic and quick tasks that used to require a long time.

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Robotic sanitization: how does it work

The sanitizing robot can monitor environmental parameters thanks to a battery of sensors present in the device.

The advantages of automatization

Thanks to the development of robotic automatization, research is innovating the world of work by entrusting machines with processes that are repetitive, alienating and unsatisfactory for people.

Uniform sanitization: replicates the sanitization process with the same and over time unchanging procedures.

Speed and efficiency: automation ensures time saving by sanitizing environments only when strictly necessary.

Constant monitoring: checks the environmental parameters and reports any kind of anomalies with respect to the norm, allowing corrective actions to be taken.

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