Platform with Air Nebulizers + Air Fluid pods with 3 cluster effects: Air Wellbeing, Air Safety, Air Functional.

From today you can have Augmented Air a whole room in just a few seconds! Thanks to our Platform with Air Nebulizer + Air Fluid pods you can have different kind of air in indoor environment from wellbeing, to safety air and surfaces.

Even if the healthiness of the environments is our priority, we wanted to go further. This is why we created special diffusors of a kind of fluids, developed through studies and research, which stimulate brain functioning through olfactory molecules able to create a state of neurophysiological wellbeing.

We are a team of innovators with a passion for technology, so we have studied smart solutions to facilitate the work of those involved in sanitizing internal environments and surfaces with the aim of bringing wellbeingand improving the quality of life.

S1 Air Nebulizer

S1 is the first Air Nebulizer able to nebulize based on kind of Air Fluid and adaptive on changes indoor environments managed by unique cloud platform.

Hotels, enterprises, retail stores, health facilities can manage all rooms by unique screen based on the Air that they need for any specific space.

Functional Fluids development

Functional Fluids may have a big impact on stress modulation, on our mood and on cognitive skills. They have the potential to activate brain synapses and stimulate brain plasticity by affecting mechanisms underlying the brain's response to environmental stresses finally resulting in a better quality of life.

sanitize air

We believe that the improvement of life quality derives also from the air we breathe, this is why we have invested in the research of a system that allows to sanitize the environments in an innovative way.

technological research

We believe in research and technology as an improvement and support for human actions and as a tool to facilitate everyday life.

environment free from germs and allergens

We believe that a sanitised environment, free from germs and allergens, can make us quite, since our health also depends on the hygiene of the places where we live.

a new wellness

We believe in wellness experience as a tool for creating a new psychophysical balance.



October 11, 2022

Sensosan at Medica 2022 Dusseldorf

14 - 17 November 2022: Sensosan at Medica 2022 Dusseldorf with Italian Trade Agency showcasing the patented technology S1 - AI Nebulizer
October 13, 2022

Sensosan at Meet in Italy for Life Science 2022 Digital

17 – 19 October 2022: Sensosan at a Meet in Italy for Life Science 2022 Digital showcase S1 - AI Nebulizer & Fluids
October 7, 2022

Sensosan at BioJapan 2022 Yokohama – Hybrid

12 - 14 October 2022: Sensosan at BioJapan 2022 Yokohama - Hybrid with Italian Trade Agency showcasing S1 - AI Nebulizer


Discover why to choose S1

1What is the difference between your certification and those offering similar or complementary products in the market?
S1 is the only device capable of certifying the sanitization process with legal validity of an environment and its surfaces, a practice that today is carried out only by cleaning and facility companies.
2What are the differences with other air purification devices?
Air purification devices ensure the purification of all the air that is filtered by the machine, which means only the processed air, but not the surfaces and the environment as a whole, as is the case with the S1 room nebulizer.
3What are the differences with UV devices?
UV devices ensure that the air and surfaces within the sanitizing light cone are purified, but they cannot certify the total sanitization of rooms and surfaces because of unavoidable shadow cones that form during exposure to UV light, which is not the case with sanitization through misting.
4Does the sanitization certification have legal value?
Yes, the certificate is a PDF document validated by a recognized Certification Authority. The document's signature is associated by a timestamp issued by the Certification Authority, which establishes full legal validity and prevents retroactive tampering with the document.

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