Our sense of smell cannot be stopped, we all breathe more than 20,000 times a day. Therefore, with every breath, you can create a powerful and meaningful connection between your company, your customers, your guests, your collaborators and your entire ecosystem of partners and shareholders.

Air Pod Functional

Air Pod Functional are olfactory moleculas that are nebulized into the air with a molecular active ingredient of brain plasticity activation to trigger a certain function of neurophysiological wellbeing.

Supported by neuroscientific studies that have shown their effectiveness, they allow to activate the synapses of the brain with a scientific approach and are currently used to support the treatment of certain diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases.

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The beneficial effects of Air Pod Functional

Olfactory molecules pleasurable to the individual can have a great impact on the modulation of stress, mood and cognitive abilities through an improvement in adult neurogenesis and structural plasticity.

The brain is able to reshape itself structurally through the formation of new synapses, specialized in the transmission of information, and the formation of new neurons in specific areas such as the hippocampus, which within the limbic system regulates motivation, emotion and memory.

Search Air Pod Functional for quality life

We deal with research and development of Functional Fluids able to stimulate brain plasticity in order to obtain a better quality of life and social relationships by identifying the mechanisms that underlie the brain's response to environmental stresses.

Air Pod Experience

Scented or Air Pod Experience have a direct impact on the emotional part of our brain and companies can choose to adopt an approach to olfactory marketing that is practical or oriented to the development of their brand.

The practical approach refers to the neutralization of bad smells or to improve the sense of well-being of its clients, guests, collaborators and improve the global experience.

The brand approach involves the development of unique and personalized fluids to be associated with the brand itself to improve the experience of Its customers, guests, collaborators and on the following perception. Ultimately to strengthen the value of your brand.

Depending on the objectives that the customer wants to achieve, our customer can select the type of fluid for the purpose or can be accompanied by Sensosan in the development of its Signature Brand.

The refills of Air Pod Experience nebulized with S1 AI Nebulizer allow you to:
• have a uniformity of scent in indoor environment
• scientifically adjust the intensity of the fluid for the whole indoor environment
• activate or deactivate the nebulization in the various environments from a single web/app platform according to your needs

Pod Air Safety

Air Pod Safety for health safety have a direct impact on livability in indoor environments, especially following the covid19 pandemic.

There are different levels of sanitization depending on the type of indoor environment you want to sanitize and depending on the type of sanitization you want to perform.

Sensosan today sanitizes in a sustainable way with a sanitizing fluid based on silver ions and citric acid and is taking action to sanitize with 100% green products.

The refills of Air Pod Safety Fluids nebulized with S1 AI Nebulizer allow you to:
1. certify the process of sanitization of the environment where it is applied
2. sanitize when you want with effective and sustainable costs
3. activate or deactivate the nebulization in the various environments from a single web/app platform allowing you to sanitize at the same time all the environments where the device is present

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